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Transition into visual storytelling

September 2, 2016.wanderadmin.0 Likes.0 Comments

After 10 years of reporting on the art of film, I have decided to take a scary and new direction in my life. I am currently working on a documentary short that tells the story of my adventures overseas.

The piece is poetic and experimental. I am influenced by filmmakers like documentarian Robert J. Flaherty and artists such as Werner Herzog, John Cassavetes and many of the other experimental filmmakers.

Part of the reason I am taking this journey is that there aren’t enough women making films. And we as a sex are experiencing an awakening. Why not? We have stories. We can give direction. We are artistic behind the camera. We are sponges. I had my own epiphany when I traveled to Ireland in 2015. This was right after my father passed away. Death has a way of beating your own life in your face. I realized that I have a calling. Perhaps it is not exactly in film form. But I have always had the itch for it. I actually don’t care if I fail. I don’t. I care that I went out and did it. And put myself out there.

I am also working on a short screenplay that I want to film in Ireland. I am also trying to get some jobs as an actress. If all goes well, I will be moving overseas next year. Meanwhile, life goes on.

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